Programs for Parents

Parenting Inside Out® (PIO)

PIO is an evidence-based parenting skills program developed in Oregon for justice-impacted parents. PIO gives parents the skills to successfully reintegrate with their families and to parent their children in healthy, prosocial ways. It is appropriate for parents with children from 0 to 19 years. The Center for Family Success offers the community version, which meets twice a week for 12 weeks.


Caring Dads 

Caring Dads is a gender-specific parenting group for men who have engaged in behavior that has exposed their child(ren) to toxic stress or trauma. It is an evidence-informed curriculum focused on teaching fathers child-centered approaches to parenting, and on having them take accountability for harmful and unhelpful behaviors they have engaged in that caused harm to their child(ren). The group meets once a week for 17 weeks.


Early Childhood Home Visiting

Center staff who are experts in early childhood provide skill-development-based home visits to families with children ages 0-6.

Parent Advocacy

Parent Advocates provide individualized support to parents to assist them in achieving stability as they participate in services at the Center. Advocates provide resource navigation, engage in collaborative communication with community partners, allocate resources to reduce barriers to program attendance, provide life-skills coaching, assist with parenting plans and goal setting, and help clients increase self-sufficiency.


Peer Mentoring

Parent Mentors work one-one-one with parents to help increase the likelihood of success in Center programs. The Parent Mentor and Parent Advocate work collaboratively to assist the client in developing skills and increasing self-efficacy, leading to reduced risk of program failure. Activities that a Peer Mentor might assist with include: attending 12-step meetings with the client, preparing for a Family Decision Meeting, helping with parenting class homework, connecting to community resources, and being available to talk through challenging situations.

Reentry Support

Re-Entry Mentors and Parent Advocates work collaboratively to help parents successfully reintegrate into the community after incarceration. Parents eligible for these services receive multiple reach-ins prior to release from jail or prison to assist with service planning. Once released, these clients receive ongoing mentoring and advocacy while engaging in parenting skill-development services at the Center.


Family Engagement Activities

The Center provides free family engagement events throughout the year that enhance family connectedness, create community, and reinforce healthy parenting skills. Events include outdoor gatherings in the park, trips to local attractions such as the zoo or art museum, sports game outings, seasonal holiday parties, movies, and on-site activities at our Center.