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Pointing Ahead Toward the Horizon

PATHforward  2026 is our commitment to prioritize and amplify the vision of people across the agency, with a focus on outcomes that will create real, sustainable change for our organization over the next three years. Developed by and for the people who administer and receive services at The Pathfinder Network, PATHforward 2026 offers insight into who we are as an organization, how we want to grow, and what you can expect from us as partners, neighbors, and community members.

This is not a traditional strategic plan, but an expansive vision of what success looks like to us, from the perspective of a dynamic team including organizational leadership, board members, management, administration, and direct service staff. Led by the RIOS (Roadmap Implementation and Organizational Strategies) team through shared leadership, this transformative collaboration between stakeholders across our organization outlines what we will do and who we will be in the years to come.

2023 Impact Report

Our 2023 Impact Report is here! We are so proud of the progress we have made toward the goals set by PATHforward 2026, our three-year strategic vision launched a year ago in 2023! The report outlines our impact in 2023, and shares highlights of what we have accomplished over the last year; we hope it offers some insight into the progress we have made toward our goals this year. Thank you for being part of our community for another year, and for walking with us on this PATHforward!

PATHforward 2026 Goals

Seek Our True North

Evolve Equity, Culture and Connectivity

We prioritize people, relationships, and community to shape and support a diverse, equitable, inclusive, and just workplace where everyone feels that they belong.

Success looks like: Increasing experience scores by 20% on All-staff and Board of Directors annual survey, reaching 100% engagement in shared leadership model across the agency, and creating the DEIJ Plan with measurable outcomes defined and 15% of plan goals accomplished.

Illuminate The Path

Increase Agency Visibility and Impact

As our agency grows, so does our presence and visibility in the communities we serve. We use our voice to amplify and lift up the impacts of our work and connect with people right where they are.

Success looks like: Increasing external partnerships by 25% locally and nationally, creating a TPN Advocacy team that holds two advocacy workshops annually to prepare staff, board, participants and stakeholders to deploy advocacy goals, and expanding our digital audience and engagement by 50% to enlist highly engaged champions of our work.

Map Our Route

Develop Effective and Efficient Operations

Building organizational capacity with technology, internal systems, and infrastructure to last us another 30 years.

Success looks like: Expanding infrastructure tools, strengthening digital literacy across the agency by 25%, and completing and deploying new operational manuals across the agency.

Lead The Way

Deliver Programming with Excellence

Building on a 30 year legacy of holistic, integrated programs and supports for individuals and families, we will continue to seek, model, and build upon best practices to ensure that we can keep delivering services that make a real difference for people who are systems-impacted.

Success looks like: Implementing a new theory of change that expands services across the criminal justice system and increases programs serving youth, sustaining a fully engaged advisory board of at least eight individuals impacted by the criminal justice system, and increasing the total number of participants served by 25%, specifically engaging those most impacted by systems.

Discover New Horizons

Strengthen Agency Sustainability

Develop long-term systems and structures that will ensure a maintained presence in our community for our staff and participants, and continued growth toward new horizons.

Success looks like: Increasing public support funds raised by 50% with 20% of the increase raised through individual donations, improving employee retention by 30% with a 40% increase in professional development opportunities, and strengthening and expediting utilization of financial management tools and technology.


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