Group of youth and mentors stand together in an outdoor courtyard.

Impacts of Incarceration Video Library PRE-LAUNCH

In collaboration with Good Pictures, a video production company dedicated to social good, The Pathfinder Network is proud to present this free video library, Impacts of Incarceration, designed to educate, empower, and create meaningful change by sharing the stories, experiences, wisdom and resilience of individuals impacted by incarceration. With this video library, our participants and partners offer their wisdom and guidance, with the goal of eliminating the shame and stigma connected to mass incarceration.

Impacted individuals often feel unsafe disclosing their experiences with the criminal legal system as they risk shaming and stigma. This is why people often are surprised to learn that one in 14 children in the United States has a parent who is or has been incarcerated and how that experience ripples through families and communities. Those impacted often experience depression, anxiety, addiction, isolation, fear of connection, confusion, interpersonal bullying, anger, and mistrust, but they are also resilient and powerful with much wisdom to share.

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The PATHfinder Club is inspired by the POPS the Club model. On February 1, 2023, The Pathfinder Network assumed operation of POPS the Club and Into the Woods Press. We are honored to continue the legacy of POPS the Club in alignment with our shared missions.

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