Reentry to me means another chance

By Kiley Yuthas | April 8th, 2019

In recognition of Second Chance Month, throughout April we will be sharing stories from The Pathfinder Network staff and community answering the question, "What does reentry mean to you?"

Today’s story comes from Richard Hines-Norwood, Parenting Inside Out Program Manager.


Reentry to me means another chance. It means newness and opportunity.

It means we get to form common-union and common-unity again.

But the most profound thing that reentry means to me is that we were disconnected.

If I have to "re" something, it implies I have another chance but I have to do it again from another starting place. Why do I have to "re"? Am I no longer an American Son/Daughter? Am I no longer Your Sister/Brother? Do I get thrown away? Or do you dare take the time, resource, care so that I can be better understood and we can walk in more understanding of one another?

The book of Ecclesiastes indicates there is nothing new under the sun. So perhaps we are faced with the same challenges, you just didn’t ____. What if you were me? Would your answers be the same?

My hope would be that we can embrace brothers and sisters throughout their journey. They are family. They deserve support whether that is timeout, mental health resources, or healing. And with the right supports in place may they never feel disconnected from our family tree and may they bear fruit. Fruit that furthers us as a race…a human race. May they find helpers and healers that help mend and ignite their own help, healing, and agency.

This is the essence of what reentry means through my lens. From the place I sit and the places I’ve sat. No matter where we go may we all find love, light, and healing. Take with us the strengths of home and always find openness to return back again.


If you are interested in sharing your own story of reentry with The Pathfinder Network community, you can send us a message here.