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TPN Training Team

At TPN, our commitment to driving positive change extends beyond the impact we create in the communities we serve. Behind the team members implementing our mission in communities each day is a dedicated and passionate training team that plays a crucial role in nurturing the talents of our employees and empowering our team to navigate challenges and achieve incredible outcomes with participants. “Our goal is to foster a community of learning, and encourage staff to get curious about what we do here at TPN, how we do it, and why we have so carefully built the culture and programs that we have,” says Michael Lowery, Training & Development Manager. “We want to make sure our staff feel supported and cared about” adds Amy Pike, Training Specialist, “I want our staff to know that someone is thinking about how to help them navigate the challenges of their position so they can be successful in the work they’re doing.”

The training team fosters a culture of continuous learning and growth throughout the organization through a range of trainings and workshops, including the TPN Foundations training, monthly Community of Learning Calls, and curriculum training for some of the cognitive-behavioral classes and groups offered by TPN. Michael and Amy build training opportunities at TPN to be responsive to the needs of our staff, creating learning opportunities to address challenges or areas of growth that have been lifted up by staff throughout the organization. “Whenever we’re developing or updating our trainings, we’re wondering: how do we deliver this information in a way that’s helpful and engaging, so that people walk away with a positive experience and can share what they learned with someone else?” Says Michael, “for every person sitting in the training space, there are a whole bunch of other people who will be impacted by the work we’re doing to grow and learn together.”

In addition to fostering a supportive learning community within TPN, the training team are also available for one-on-one support calls and can help staff think through challenges or questions that arise. “We’re here to encourage, cheerlead, problem solve, and find creative solutions,” says Amy, “Our goal is to develop great relationships with staff, so that everyone feels supported and empowered to face those challenges and intimidating situations as they arise.” As the training team continues to expand their capacity, they are looking forward to offering even more training opportunities and direct support for staff in the future. They are also always available to offer feedback and support when questions arise: “I always have 15 minutes for you,” says Amy, “ There’s always room in my day to chat with someone on the phone or exchange emails; we’re here to be in community with everyone doing this work every day.”